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Our Patron:
Shahnaz was a dreamer, and a romantic at heart. She schooled herself into fashion design by studying the fashion around the environment she was born in. She came from a family of independent women. Her Father was a progressive liberal and bestowed her the sense of independent, carefree urban professional woman ethics, from childhood. Her life abroad for 14 years, gave her the cultural exposure to blend, mashup fashion, craft and luxury. She was all for feminism, progressive thinking and compassion for her workers. She believed that her workers and craftsmen were the most deserving but not well compensated for their work. In our society, while the art and craftsmanship are craved and appreciated by the rich, the real artisans and workers are nowhere in sight for their work. She helped a lot of women with economic empowerment. Sustainability was another of her love. She loved nature and the environment. Her ethos lied in using organic and nature friendly design. She liked old school Hollywood glamour and her clothes expressed individuality. Her decision to focus on the urban professional woman was something ahead of her time. Her fashion has no boundaries. Her vision was to make everyone dress smartly, fashionably and with glam!

The Brand:
Since 1993, the house of Shahnaz Anis Studio embodies the perfect mélange of traditional timeless classics with modern silhouettes. Infusing the ethnic techniques of Mughal artisans in modern cuts for the women of today. Keeping every woman in mind, we at Shahnaz Anis Studios celebrate diversity and individuality. Our designs are an ode to women of grace and poise. Truly embracing the femininity and elegance each and every design of our house is meant to empower the Queen in every woman. A fashion house of eastern and haute couture clothing that ensures the uniqueness of each piece in its level of individuality and originality. The strong identity of Shahnaz Anis has evolved since its birth without forgetting its roots. An unmistakable style and fashion which season after season, combines strong innovation with the flavor of its origin.